Flexible solutions for kiosks and retail spaces requiring dynamic display furniture.

Flexibility is an important value in retailing – showroom furniture must be arranged to suit your products, and should be reusable in different configurations to keep things fresh.

Showcases Direct’s Modular Systems are perfect for displaying products flexibly. A wide range of shapes, heights, colours and materials means that a perfect solution can be achieved for any space. Our modular system includes options for a combination of wood and glass, lights, storage and lockable units.

Sold by the individual piece, modular systems are particularly useful for kiosks, booths in larger retail spaces, and for trade fairs and exhibitions. We welcome your enquiry to discuss your requirements and how we may achieve your perfect solution. 

- Cost effective

- Expandable

- Fully configurable

- All units lockable

- Built-in storage

See the Counters page for more information on the individual pieces we keep in stock. Not everything on this page is held in stock, but all can be ordered.